About Us

SKILLS Organization is about partnering with parents. schools. community.


The SKILLS Organization was established in 1984 to support implementation of the Quest Skills for Adolescence Program. Originally called the Skills for Adolescence Organization, our mission was to provide comprehensive drug prevention, life-skills programs for children attending Whittier area schools in kindergarten through 8th grade.

In 1989, Skills for Adolescence became the SKILLS Organization, and turned our focus on establishing and supporting other programs that helped youth lead successful and productive lives. The Whittier Police Department assisted the agency with asset-forfeiture money seized from drug dealers, and worked in partnership with the SKILLS Organization to provide prevention, enrichment, and academic services.

This innovated partnership created by these two organizations coupled with concerned citizens and drug forfeiture funds resulted in SKILLS becoming a leading organization in the greater Whittier area.

However, in 2006, drug forfeiture monies were no longer available. Although this change of events could have potentially been devastating to the organization, it allowed SKILLS to diversify its funding streams.

Currently, The SKILLS Organization provides after school programs to the Whittier Community and continues to implement new programs, events, and fundraisers. SKILLS funding has become more diversified thanks to our all-volunteer Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has worked diligently to ensure that the Organization continues to carry out their mission and goals in order to support kids in living and learning successfully.

The Supporting Kids In Living and Learning Successfully (SKILLS) Organization exists to create a partnership among parents, schools, businesses, government, and the community to support programs that give every child the opportunity to develop the SKILLS necessary for living and learning successfully. View More